Wendigo Syndrome
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Basic Information

Wendigo Syndrome (also known as wendigo psychosis, and by a wide range of different spellings for wendigo) is a mental disorder, allegedly culturally bound amongst the peoples of the American North. The disorder is characterised by the belief that the sufferer has been possessed by, or is otherwise transforming into a wendigo, accompanied by violent, irrational behaviour and a craving for human flesh.

This disease has a certain amount in common with clinical lycanthropy and piblokto or "arctic hysteira".

Like most culture-bound conditions, Wendigo Syndrome is subject to considerable skepticism from "mainstream" psychiatrists and is criticised from all sorts of cultural angles.


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Game and Story Use

  • Telling this from genuine wendigo possession should be fun.
  • Especially if your colleagues in the mental health department are accusing you of racism for mentioning it.
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