What May Happen In The Next Hundred Years
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January 1, 1900: The article discusses possible technological evolutions within the "next hundred years" - i.e. during the run of the 20th century. Many of the predictions are rather accurate. Other, less accurate predictions include:

  • The elimination of the letters C, X, and Q from the alphabet and the adoption of phonetic spelling for the English language
  • The use of pneumatic tubes for delivering food to homes and packages over long distances.
  • Fast hydrofoil passenger ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean within two days.
  • Airships which will be unable to compete for passenger transportation but which will be used for cargo and as flying fortresses by the military.
  • Scientists will be able to develop gigantic fruits and vegetables.
  • They will also be able to grow black roses.
  • Drugs will not be swallowed, but injected painlessly into the body via an electric current which will transport them to the afflicted body part.



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