What The Hell Hero
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Basic Information

What The Hell Hero is a characterization trope. It occurs when someone who is supposed to be one of the heroes does something that seems to be morally dubious, or even like an outright evil act - and is called out on it by other characters in the story (if nobody comments, it is a case of Moral Dissonance).

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Game and Story Use

  • Unfortunately, many PCs do go too far from time to time - so it's important that someone calls them on it. If the other PCs are unwilling to do so, make an NPC speak up.
  • An NPC who acted strangely at one occasion may actually have had a very good reason to do so - but he also has a very good reason to maintain secrecy about the real reasons, and thus suffer from a bad reputation. Finding out the truth can be a major plot element for the player characters.
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