What Was Found Inside The Oldest American Time Capsule
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January 7, 2015:

Historians at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston opened a time capsule, originally laid in the Massachusets State House over two hundred years previously. The capsule was discovered in December by workers repairing a water leak.

The time capsule was placed in the State House in an elaborate ceremony on July 4, 1795 by then-governor Samuel Adams and fellow Revolutionary War figure Paul Revere. The capsule had been opened previously in 1855 and re-sealed in a brass box. Historians had been concerned that the previous examination might have damaged the contents, and that re-opening the box might deteriorate them further; but because of the risk of water damage where it was, it was decided to chance it.

The contents proved to be surprisingly well-preserved, and included several coins, a couple newspapers from the era, a medal bearing the image of George Washington, some documents dating back to the Colonial Period, and a silver plaque commemorating the dedication of the State House.

Historical conservationists will be working to record the material in the capsule and preserve it for future generations.


Game and Story Use

  • A time capsule could contain all manner of MacGuffins
    • Perhaps one of the 200-year-old newspapers contains information connecting to something in the present day
      • Probably a little early, but a photo or daguerreotype of a local time abyss, vampire or suchlike, possibly from before he discovered his immortality would be amusing.
    • Is there anything special about the medal with Washington's portrait?
      • Hilarious if the Washington on the medal looked nothing like all the images of him existing today…
    • Perhaps Paul Revere wanted to hide something among the items in the capsule
    • Did the historians who opened it in 1855 take anything away? Or add anything?
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