Where I Was Born And Razed
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Basic Information

Where I Was Born And Razed describes a character who destroyed his own neighborhood, home town, or in extreme cases nation or planet. This might have been accidental or deliberate in an act of anger or revenge. This may or may not make him the last of his kind - or at least one of a race of exiles. Some or all of his former compatriots, neighbours or even relatives may well be hunting him down in the hope of some kind of justice and/or revenge or he may be sought by agents of some higher power - from the government of the nation he used to live in to a literal higher power, depending on the setting, what he destroyed and how.

This characterisation may also carry the implication that the chap in question is a person of mass destruction or, rather than carry out the destruction himself, he may be some kind of traitor who, wittingly or unwittingly, allowed a hostile power to work its will on the land.

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Game and Story Use

  • If you want a character wallowing in Angst, an accidental destruction of one's hometown is hard to beat.
    • This could be a result of uncontrollable powers, very mad science, beserker rage or something similar, depending on setting.
    • Alternatively, the angst could result from having to kill everyone he knew because they had been possessed, zombified or something similar. Especially if no-one believes him.
  • A rare subversion might involve a (semi)heroic character who originated somewhere inherently vile destroying the place as he fled to join the "good guys".
  • Also a potential subversion if the PCs are hunting someone who murdered their entire hometown/nation/planet only to find they are either innocent (completely, or by virtue of insanity, force majeure or something) or that they had a damned good reason for doing so.
    • Apparently a Miss Summers has something to say on this topic, something about a place called Sunnydale?
  • For Darkest Dungeon fans The Ancestor essentially managed this for the family estate - the house itself is razed, other parts are much, much worse.
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