White House Gunfighters
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Basic Information

Theodore Roosevelt was somewhat more badass than your average President of the United States. He was also real big into law and order and overall strongly pro-police. Roosevelt himself had been the Police Commissioner of New York City from 1895 to 1897. Being someone who enjoyed the outdoors and travel, and contemporary of several genuine Old West Gunfighter Sheriffs, he struck up friendships and correspondence with several such famous badasses.

While in office as President (and even before that, as Vice-President), he handed out government jobs to several of his favorite western lawmen:

These appointments were noticed by the press, who called them "the White House Gunfighters". Some of the appointments got tangled up in scandal. The gunslingers had checkered violent pasts on the wild frontier, and the appointments needed to be confirmed by the United States Senate. So there was some heated debate in congress about whether or not these gunslingers should be allowed to represent the government.


Game and Story Use

  • In reality, these badass lawmen served positions across the US in distinct separate states, but if you're willing to fudge history, they'd make one heck of a League of Extraordinary Whatevers.
  • A game that cast Roosevelt in a darker light might have him calling in favors from these gunmen to wipe out his rivals.
  • "Commissioner Roosevelt" is secretly working with a "Bat1"-themed Vigilante in Gotham. Sound familiar?
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