Woman posed as FBI agent, 'hired' neighbors
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March 29, 2010: A woman from Arlington, Virginia has posed as the FBI's director of forensics to the neighbors in her apartment complex. Two of the neighbors agreed to work as her assistants and put personal information like their Social Security Numbers on phony job applications. She made them work on things like writing condolence letters to relatives allegedly killed in the line of duty.



Game and Story Use

  • See if you can get the player characters to help out a con man who pretends to be from a government agency. They will be furious once they find out, and be artistic in their revenge.
    • On the other hand, maybe it's the PCs who need some cannon fodder, er, assistance. Pretending to be a government agent might do the trick, as long as the actual government never finds out…
  • Were the condolence letters make-work while she stole their identities, or something more?
    • Maybe she was an agent, just not an FBI one, and the letters contained coded messages.
    • Maybe the letters were meant to help create cover identities, or were part of a ritual to create actual people or kill agents in the field.
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