Wrench Wench
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Basic Information

Guys like girls; and guys like cars; so what could be sexier than a gal who fixes cars? Enter the Wrench Wench, a girl who knows her way around a machine shop and can fix anything from a '57 Oldsmobile to Firefly class space freighter. She usually wears overalls and has cute grease smudges on her face; and a monkey wrench in her back pocket to clobber any jerk who tries messing with her power tools.

She's sometimes also a genius gadgeteer and a born tinkerer. See gadgeteer, mechanic, engineer, mad scientist and blacksmith for more ideas.



Game and Story Use

  • Every team can use a good mechanic, whether as a PC or an NPC.
  • If the group doesn't have a mechanic on their team and their van/spaceship/submarine/whatever gets damaged, you can introduce a Wrench Wench to fix it for them.
    • She could easily become a recurring character. As I said, every team can use a good mechanic.
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