Young Gun
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Basic Information

The Young Gun is the Western equivalent of the Kid Samurai: a younger, less-awesome version of The Gunslinger, looking to make a name for himself. Expect him to be hot-headed and impetuous. He will probably attach himself to an older, more experienced character, looking up to him as a mentor figure, only to be told that this is no kind of life for anyone and that he should get out while he still can. The Young Gun will, of course, ignore this advice, possibly with tragic consequences.

See also: The Wannabe and The Fill-In-The-Blank Kid



Game and Story Use

  • Great for the NPC sidekick.
  • Could make a good PC, since it has so much potential for accelerated character development.

Building This Character


  • The Young Gun is almost certainly a low-level character.


  • Physical Attributes are probably the most important category for most variations on the Young Gun. You're younger, faster, and stronger than all those older characters.
  • Decent Social Attributes may be in order, as well. You've got that friendly youthful smile and exuberance.
  • In a point-buy system, put more points into attributes and basic capabilities than into skills. You're trying to give the impression of energy and raw talent, not experience.


Advantages and Flaws

See The Fill-In-The-Blank-Kid, The Wannabe, and The Gunslinger

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