Zombie Apocalypse
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Basic Information

The Zombie Apocalypse is a sub-trope of Our Monsters Are Different. It portrays a world where zombies have recently shown up and are rapidly overwhelming the world (or at least the part the protagonists are finding themselves in). The walking dead are everywhere, civilization collapses, and the survivors have to do horrible things to remain survivors.

There is some granularity as to whether the zombies are the cause of the apocalypse, or merely a gift with purchase, but zombies can usually be relied upon to make anything worse.

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Game and Story Use

  • Using this will shift the mood of an ongoing campaign dramatically, and introduce strong horror elements. Even if the player characters are so powerful that they don't have to fear the zombies, those around them are rarely so lucky - forcing them to make tough choices about whom to protect, especially if there are only limited food supplies.
  • Our Zombie page is clearly the hub of all things zombie on the Arcana Wiki, check there for more information and ideas.
    • You may also find useful information for a really long-term zombie campaign on our Post-Apocalyptic Decay page. It details the rates at which buildings degrade and collapse, food on shelves goes bad, etc. which is especially useful if your game is set (or runs until) years after the initial outbreak.
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