Zombie Fire Ants
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May 16, 2009: "A new species of fly injects the ants with larvae, which attack an ant's brain and eventually cause the head to fall off."[1]

This fly species which is native to South America has been deliberately introduced to Texas to combat the fire ants.

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Naturally, when I consider what's better than fighting pests all day, I think of fighting zombies all day. It always cheers me up to think of fighting undead things instead of living my boring little life. Now people in Texas will get this opportunity, and I hope the rest of us can experience it soon! <grin>


Game and Story Use

  • Why not liven up your campaign with zombies that are controlled by larvae instead of the usual methods.
  • Or how about a sentient fly that's really calling the shots?
  • Scientists meddle with an ecosystem to solve a particular "problem". What could possibly go wrong?
  • Perhaps the ants aren't being spread to fight ordinary fire ants, but to deal with the Ant Super-Hive - which also spread from South Africa, come to think of it…
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